Our DTE (Electronic Tributary Document) generation system was designed for those who wish to provide for their clients a platform in which to create this kind of documents, bookkeepers with large portfolios or any kind of business that wishes to enter the invoicing market in Chile FacturaPlus is currently in use in Santiago Stock Exchange and some stockbrokers agencies.

✓ We comply with all the legal dispositions made by the regulatory institutions.

✓ Modern architecture and tech.

✓ Fast performance

✓ Flexible pricing, once the fixed implementation rates are met.

✓ We provide a REST API and other components to ease integration.

✓ Support while the system is being integrated into yours.

✓ Open source: you can modify to suit your needs.

Easy Set-Up

Once the minimal requirements are met, it can be operational within days.

Multiuser System

It has multiple business and users support. User accounts may be granted full or limited access.


Processes in parallel, diminishing operational times.

Within The Cloud

✓ Up to six years back-up.

✓ Web interface.

✓ Free and automatic updates.

✓ Easy integration.


We offer a direct support line.


We offer training for all relevant personnel.


✓ Most DTE types:

     ✓ Factura electrónica

     ✓ Factura exenta y afecta electrónica

     ✓ Nota de crédito

     ✓ Nota de débito

     ✓ Boleta electrónica

     ✓ Guías de despacho

✓ Automatic accounting books generation:

     ✓ Purchases and Sales

     ✓ Web interface:

     ✓ Business Settings

     ✓ Folio Settings

     ✓ Certificate Settings

     ✓ Document logs

We Take On Implementation

✓ Digital certification process

✓ Testing RUT (ID) configuration within SII (IRS)

✓ Declaration of “to be issued” documents

✓ QA & Certification

✓ Official Testing and production document ids

✓ Other formalities within the SII (IRS)

✓ Installation and Setup

✓ Incoming documents

✓ Outgoing documents